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Technology Pioneers 2018

Technology Pioneers 2018

Horizon State has been selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, joining the ranks of Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter and Spotify.

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The Decision Revolution

Horizon State is a secure, anonymous, convenient and affordable electronic voting platform, built using blockchain technology. In other words, it’s an incorruptible digital ballot box that can be used to conduct sensitive votes quickly, cheaply and securely.

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A robust empowerment platform to drive efficient decision making.


Community Engagement

Built with enterprise, community groups and local government in mind, Horizon State provides a set of surveying and polling tools to capture collective opinions and distill them into actionable insights.

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By utilizing our advanced data sentiment analysis and seamless donations solution you can begin building a community with a competitive edge around your goal. Issue, small business or campaign.

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Secure Voting

Secure Voting

By using our secure and reliable digital ballot box systems you can run elections across all industries with simple or complex requirements.

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