Horizon State

About Horizon State.

Our Mission

We empower communities with decision making tools that inspire trust. We believe open dialogue is the foundation of an empowered community. To inform better collective decision making our platform supports, connects and values every voice with integrity.

Our Beliefs

We believe open dialogue is the foundation of an empowered community within business and government, and that there’s a better way to identify points of contention and measure consensus with integrity. With our team of entrepreneurs, IT consultancy executives, veteran technologists, developers and strategists, we are one of only a few companies globally with the ability to realise the potential of this technology at scale. This has been demonstrated by the breadth and impact of our partnerships with NGO, UN IGO’s and other major national and international bodies.

We are transforming the way individual ideas shape collective action. And making mindful leadership the new standard.

Transparency & Security

Using blockchain technology and a dynamic architecture that enables transparency and security, the platform focuses on delivering in three core areas: considered deliberation of decisions, effective mobilisation of communities, and facilitating secure formal voting. By putting these powerful tools into the hands of communities all over the world, we are making every voice count on a global scale.

New solutions for old problems

Organisations typically operate in a centralised and hierarchical structure. They often provide generalised solutions that are not sufficiently tailored to the specific set of needs faced by those they are trying to help.

This top-down/centre-out approach tends to be, by its very nature, an arm’s length solution provision that is at odds with the more communal, decentralised or distributed pattern of engagement that is increasingly intuitive and natural in our highly connected world.

The Horizon State Promise

Horizon State has identified not being able to swiftly move toward a more inclusive and responsive engagement style as often having been a significant contributing factor to the abandonment of many promising digital transformation projects.

While these organisations did their best to engage their customers and members, they were hampered by having to work with what has become an outdated set of tools and processes. These, in turn, did not result in the level of trust and buy-in required to achieve their goals through genuine community input and end-user engagement.

The platform is based on three core pillars:

Firstly, Organisations that are enabled to be more responsive and interactive in their outreach to, and understanding of, their membership, providing clearly understood and needed services, information, and secure community interactions.

The second pillar of the solution are the members themselves, who are empowered to interact with, and benefit from, the improved quality of services offered by the organisations they are members of, to better engage with other members in community contexts, and to benefit from the services offered by the providers in third pillar.

That third pillar being citizen-led service providers who supply the industry solutions and financial infrastructure that augment and further enable the interactions between organisations and their members, and making those services available for private use between members themselves.

Through deeper engagement, organisations will have a clearer understanding of the needs of both their customers and staff allowing them to provide meaningful services and genuine problem resolutions. With easy access to the right services, members are better served by their communities and organisations.

This ongoing positive feedback loop between the constituent elements of this interaction brings about not just a fourth Industrial Revolution, but a Civilian-focused Revolution of Industry which improves the overall quality of life and wellness.

All this is done in a manner where the platform absolutely ensures the protection of individual identities, giving smaller voices the opportunity for expression where they might otherwise not be heard.