Horizon State is undertaking an equity crowdfund through Equitise and we invite you to join us. The offer gives Australian retail investors (any resident 18+ years) and sophisticated investors in Australia and overseas the opportunity to buy equity in the business and share in our future success. This funding will help Horizon State scale up its operations, bringing trust back into collective decision making.

Given our community funded roots, we decided that our capital raise would be through traditional equity and to allow as many people to participate. As a supporter you’d have a legal stake in the company, benefiting from our success. We have been planning this for quite some time, and with wavering confidence in election processes around the world, COVID-19 forcing rapid digitisation and the public’s demand for their personal identity and information to be protected online, we believe this is the perfect time.

If you would like to learn more and gain exclusive early access, be sure to visit our landing page below where you can register your interest on Equitise. (Remember to read the risk warning and offer document if you do end up investing). If you are serious about investing and want to ask further questions from the team, please email [email protected].




Check out a video of Horizon State CEO Tim Goggin presenting our current pitch deck.

We look forward to sharing more updates soon. 

Team Horizon State.

Dan Crane

Dan Crane

Dan’s life has revolved around technology and innovation since he got his first computer. With over 20 years experience in roles ranging from highly technical to the c-level managing a team of 80, to burgeoning start-ups, Dan ensures we stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

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Horizon State’s award-winning voting and engagement product has been built to bridge the trust gap that exists in the communication process between everyday people and those they elect to represent or serve their interests, whether they be public organisations or private businesses.

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