Horizon State is regularly invited to speak at international technology, governance, and blockchain events. For upcoming opportunities to mingle with the team, please keep your eyes on this page for new appearances. To discuss speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please email inbox@horizonstate.com

Past Events of Note

CIO Summit Melbourne
Melbourne, Nov 1 2017

CTO, Nimo Naamani, joins the CIO Summit: Australia’s premier gathering of IT leaders. It’s an opportunity for IT chiefs and their direct reports to gain insights from technology and business leaders from Australia and the world. There is no other place where you will hear from the IT industry’s best speakers who explore the latest IT and business trends that will shape your business this year.

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Decentralized 2017
Cyprus, Nov 2 - 3 2017

Jamie Skella takes the stage at DECENTRALIZED 2017, which brings together some of the world's leading executives and academic experts to discuss the current trends and future developments on blockchain technology. Professionals from key industries across the globe will gather for a 2-day world class summit, to harness the latest innovations and discuss the challenges that lay ahead in this ever growing ecosystem.

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Horizon State Keynote - Blockchain and The Future of Democracy
Melbourne, Oct 17 2017

Jamie Skella heads to Melbourne’s Ethereum Meetup to talk blockchain and the future of democracy: blockchain beyond buzzwords and government consultations without 122million price tags. Join the community to learn more about Horizon State and how we are using blockchain technology to modernise democracy.

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Ethical Enterprise Conference 2017
Melbourne, Oct 16 - 17 2017

Jamie Skella talks blockchain disruption, risks and opportunities at this year’s Ethical Enterprise Conference, which aims to challenge traditional business models, inspire to do things differently and bring together amazing thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs and disruptors. We will explore how to change mindsets and shift our thinking through adaptation and innovation.

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SAP TechEd 2017
Las Vegas, Sept 25 - 29 2017

At TechEd, Horizon State Co-Founder Jamie Skella talks about redesigning democracy on the blockchain. If democracy was designed with today’s technology, what would it look like? Our models for collaborative decision making are a relic, centuries old. Driverless cars are now a reality, yet our democratic processes remain a horse and cart. With the advent of blockchain, a historic change in those processes await.

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South Korea, Sept 11 - 13 2017

Speaking to Mayors from around the globe, Co-Founder Jamie Skella talks about redesigning citizen engagement for the 21st century using blockchain. If our methods of constituent engagement were designed with today's technology, what would they look like? Driverless cars are now a reality, yet the way we solicit opinion and votes remain a comparative horse and cart. With the advent of blockchain, historic improvements in those processes await: security, immediacy, transparency, and cost.

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Innovation Labs World 2017
Singapore, Sept 26 2017

Chief Technology Officer, Nimo Naamani, joins an all-star panel titled The New Global Innovators, where we discuss how new technology such as Horizon State’s voting platform is changing the face of governance. Innovation Labs World brings together innovators from around the world to discuss public service delivery in the 21st Century. It unites the public and private sectors to learn from each other and create solutions.

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Disruptive Technologies and the Public Service
Singapore, Sept 28 - 29 2017

Horizon State CTO, Nimo Naamani, heads to Singapore to present our technology at a jointly organised event by the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE), the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC), and the Centre for Economics and Public Administration Ltd. (CEPA). It will bring together distinguished politicians, top public officials, noted academics and senior management of international technology companies to consider how new technologies will affect citizens’ trust in government and the legitimacy of the state

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