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Horizon State

Community Update — May 15th 2019

Welcome to our monthly newsletter update, where we are continuously providing you updates on what is happening at Horizon State. The focus of this month has been onboarding new customers from New Zealand and Australia, as well as reaching out to potential partners where our software can complement a different service. … Read More

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Horizon State

Community News — April 12th 2019

It has been another extremely busy month on all fronts, from new exchange listings, the conclusion of the vote for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in South Australia, attending the ADC Forum in Adelaide and further development of our platform. … Read More

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Horizon State

Community News — March 14th 2019

Great progress has been made in the last month on all sides of the business with: even more features being built and released by our development team, listing on a new exchange, and new team members coming on board to help support our business development and growth efforts. … Read More

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Dan Crane

The evolution of the HST token

I have been a part of Horizon State since the beginning — all starting with a few beers with Jamie Skella chatting about how powerful the concept of smart contracts were, and after a few trips to Melbourne to set things up we had the crew required to launch our ICO. From first team formation to ICO in only a few months. In reality, this had been brewing for a while. … Read More

8 months ago

Horizon State

Another day, another #vote completed! This time we’re happy to say we’ve had a 2nd successful vote to select the board of The Opportunities Party – with the results being announced at their #AGM this weekend. We’re looking forward to many more engagements in the future. #newzealand #voting See MoreSee Less

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