Annual General Meeting

Take the hassle out of your Annual General Meeting

Horizon State enables better quality feedback that helps you make decisions easier so that your organisation can get better results

Elect company officers and pass motions within an extremely secure and trusted online environment

Give your members confidence in your voting process and your organisation by ensuring their vote counts using our fair and publicly-auditable digital voting system. 

Build real trust between you and your members
Your members increasingly feel dismissed by the organisations they engage with and want their feedback to be taken seriously. By committing to fairness and transparency, you can for the first time prove to them that you are listening and accountable in a way that builds lasting trust that keeps them engaged.
Help your members make more informed voting decisions
Include personal and policy information for each candidate or motion within the voting portal. Horizon State is much more efficient and likely to get each candidates message across and provide understanding about motions being voted on, giving your members the information they need to make the best decisions.
Increase participation and engagement
Reverse the trend of dismal AGM engagement. You want to engage your community today. Your members prefer to do everything online. Horizon State gives your members a voice from anywhere using any web-capable device.
Poll your members about what they think more often

Don’t wait until your next AGM to find out what your members think about organisational performance. Horizon State encourages regular and cost-effective engagement. 

Get instant results
No more waiting around for results or manual counting. Find out which motions were passed and who has been appointed immediately.

Horizon State's use case for your AGM

The traditional AGM is fast becoming obsolete as company and financial information are increasingly shared over the internet. Declining attendance at AGMs of ASX-listed companies has mirrored the global trend of shareholder apathy. This is due in part to the inconvenience caused by needing to physically be present to participate and vote. There is now a disconnect between AGM attendance rates and the time and financial costs to administer them.

International surveys of stakeholder groups show a clear desire for increased engagement and participation. They expect companies to listen and respond to those preferences. Polling by administration services provider Equinity showed that 76% of shareholders think companies should do more to encourage their engagement, while 44% said they would be more likely to attend Annual General Meetings that were held electronically.

The Horizon State platform is perfect for streamlining the engagement and voting process at your current AGM. It presents new and more cost-effective possibilities to review and modify how you structure your AGM in the future. 

Businesses are trialing virtual AGM structures that could yield significant savings from mailout costs for notice of meetings, venue hire and other event overheads that are no longer needed. Horizon State makes voting and engagement a secure and trusted process within these decentralised AGM structures.

Horizon State makes participation in your AGM easy for your members, boosts member participation and engagement, adds trust and transparency to an otherwise closed-door voting process, and reduces the time and financial cost burdens incurred by your organisation in its AGM process.