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Today councils are finding it increasingly difficult to remain connected to their community. Modern councils struggle to ensure that decisions around taxes and public works are in line with what their voting constituents want. This has led to low trust in the relationship between the public and councils and bad investments that have cost ratepayers more than the engagement cost to ensure the right action was taken. Ratepayers want to know that they are being heard. By listening to them and committing to fair and transparent voting and engagement processes, councils can make better decisions and deploy public resources more efficiently. This will massively boost performance, and approval, as well as improve public perception and chances of re-election.

Secure Voting

Give your communities confidence and trust in your election process

The voting public want to have faith in the security of elections that they participate in. Using Horizon State, you can host secure elections and let the public verify the result to prove it can be trusted. By demonstrating fairness and transparency you can better keep your citizens connected and engaged.

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Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

Make group decisions easy for everyone

Speed up the agreement process of getting worker groups to accept offers you make them. Horizon State makes group decisions simple for your community and easy for you.

Community Engagement

Make smarter decisions that earn public trust

Use authentic feedback to get actionable insights that take the guesswork away from what you should be doing. Prove to the public you’re listening whether you need polling, survey or feedback information, get crucial and reliable information about which public works should be funded and see how you can build trust by demonstrating responsibility for what you learn. 

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