Make group decisions easily and securely

A seamless and secure way to build trust with your communities and satisfy regulatory obligations for your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Increase participation and engagement

You want to engage your community today. Your members prefer to do everything online. Horizon State gives your members a voice from anywhere using any web-capable device. 

Build trust between you and your members
By committing to fairness and transparency, you can for the first time prove to your members that you are listening and accountable in a way that builds lasting trust that keeps them engaged.
Help your members make more informed decisions

Add crucial information for your members within the decision portal. Horizon State’s elegant and intuitive user interface is highly efficient and helps your members understand what they are agreeing to and voting on.

Protect your voter's privacy
Horizon State lets your members cast votes anonymously, while keeping fairness and transparency as intrinsic elements to the platform. Despite anonymous voting, your members are still limited to one vote per user, protecting the integrity of your engagement.
Receive support from start to finish

We help you design and build your decision portal to your requirements, and manage the full voting process. We also ensure that all votes are compliant with local state laws.


Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

The point of your enterprise bargaining agreement is to improve the relationship you have with your members while satisfying regulatory and union requirements.

Your members expect you to empower their voices for decision making and shared action. The public are increasingly looking to corporate brands and executives for leadership on social issues, and expect authenticity. It is crucial for leaders to be seen to live by their values, engage directly, and be visible.

Relationships are underpinned by trust. The perception of how you treat employees is one of the greatest drivers of public trust. Research has shown that a good reputation is enough to get the public to try a product or service, but most people will soon stop buying it if they do not come to trust the company behind it.

Not committing to a decision process that your employees feel isn’t fair and transparent reflects a lost optics opportunity that can affect your organisation’s bottom line. Horizon State establishes that trust today that your organisation continues to benefit from in the future.

Voters today are cautious of the security of their data online and the integrity of many digital processes. They know that even the world’s largest companies cannot be trusted to keep private information safe or resist the temptation to abuse the privilege of holding it.

They also know that your current centralised voting provider is prone to the same risk of human error and unauthorised breaches by employees or external parties with less honourable intent.

They don’t want to just take your word for it, or an outsourced company claiming that their closed-door process is fair and secure. If you are not employing a voting and decision-making system that your voters can have absolute trust in, then your members will not trust you.

Today, Horizon State offers a solution that removes the doubt from this equation. By publishing anonymous vote data to an incorruptible public database that your members can access using external websites, they can verify themselves that their vote was not only cast correctly, recorded and counted properly in the final tally.

This is the missing link to secure voting. Instead of your members relying on your voting provider to be ‘independent’, ‘honest’ and ‘secure’, we have made them integral to Horizon State’s state-of-the-art platform at the protocol level.

Combined with an intuitive user interface designed to allow your members easy access and navigation to the information needed to make informed decisions, the platform builds trust by empowering your members’ knowledge and voices.

Horizon State’s is more than just a significantly improved and more efficient business process. It is the vehicle for your organisation to earn the trust needed to truly connect with your members, long after a one-time decision by vote.