Solutions For Political Parties

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Political parties find it challenging to stay relevant in today's shifting political landscape. Traditional party alignments are now seen as inadequate for current social issues. New parties with different ideas gain traction because the people do not feel listened to. When your community know they're being listened to, they are more likely to trust you and remain engaged. Horizon State helps you get the reliable and trusted feedback you need to gain these insights. The platform's inbuilt fairness and transparency shows your community that you are listening and trustworthy. Horizon State helps you capture the information, helps you to make better decisions and deploy public resources more effectively. This will massively boost party performance, public approval your and chances of election.

Secure Voting

Give your communities confidence and trust in your election process

Political parties regularly appoint leaders and candidates through elections at the electorate, state and federal level. Horizon State makes this process easy and convenient for your community to participate in and gives them results they can trust. By demonstrating fairness and transparency you show your voting members that you can be trusted and that you take their participation seriously, which keeps them connected and engaged.

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Annual General Meetings

Reinvigorate your AGM

Boost participation at your AGM by allowing your members to securely pass motions and elect party officers from anywhere.

Community Engagement

Make smarter decisions that earn public trust

Use accurate feedback to get usable insights and take the guesswork out of which policies your members want. Poll the general community. Survey general community sentiment. Our fair and transparent platform helps you collect genuine and reliable information while protecting the privacy of users. Demonstrate to them that you are responsive to understanding you gain.
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