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Union engagement processes have not kept pace with the rise of telecommunications. Unions have many reasons to host votes and seek valuable feedback from their members to elect workplace representatives, run petitions and campaigns, pass motions at their AGM, and pass Enterprise Bargaining Agreements between them, their members and employers.

It is important to unions and their members that workers get the best deal possible, and that employers are held to account. Many union members are disengaged from the modern decision process because of a lack of transparency. Unions can improve this by holding themselves to the same fairness and transparency they expect of employers.

Horizon State offers a super easy and convenient voting interface that allows members to vote from anywhere using any mobile phone or computer. This provides instant results for simple voting and procuring genuine feedback that boosts engagement and trust in their processes.

Secure Voting

Give your members confidence and trust in your decision process

Host secure votes and let your members verify the result. Demonstrate fairness, transparency and keep your members connected and engaged.

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Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

Make group decisions easy for everyone

Speed up the agreement process of getting worker groups to accept offers you make them. Horizon State makes group decisions simple for your community and easy for you.

Community Engagement

Make smarter decisions that earn public trust, and hold employers to account

Use authentic feedback to get actionable insights that take the guesswork away from what you should be doing. Prove to your members that you’re listening whether you’re seeking polling, survey or feedback information, and see how you can build trust by demonstrating responsibility for what you learn.

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Annual General Meetings

Reinvigorate your AGM

Boost participation at your AGM by allowing your members to securely pass motions and elect union officers from anywhere.