Press Release

Under New Management

1st November, 2019

Award-winning tech company Horizon State today (1/11/2019) announced it is returning under new management.

The announcement comes off the back of the company that previously owned the intellectual property rights to the Horizon State platform ceasing operation in mid-August 2019 and placing its IP assets up for sale.

The Horizon State platform, which rose to market prominence in late 2017 from its revolutionary voting and decision-making software, was purchased by a group of passionate community members in a powerful demonstration of community faith in the project’s original vision and the strength of its product. The group have brought onboard several former employees to ensure the business gets back to market as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Horizon State’s market-leading voting and community engagement product is designed to integrate with blockchain technology. This is a major advantage over traditional databases, and ensures everyone using this proprietary system can be confident all votes are correctly and reliably counted through additional verification processes, all without requiring the identity of individual voters to be known.

Company CEO Tim Goggin highlighted the important role the platform has played boosting the democratic capability and engagement level for both public and private organisations. “There are endless use cases for Horizon State’s platform for any organisation that wants to boost stakeholder engagement and streamline decision-making processes,” Goggin said, “the difference with our solution is that we can help organisations create these new efficiencies that reduce time and cost burdens via an online process that is transparent, trusted and verifiable.”

According to Goggin, the company’s current primary objectives are to get the platform operating again, to re-engage clients that have used or expressed interest in the Horizon State platform, and to expand the company’s visibility as it develops new business opportunities.

Goggin also addressed the previous company’s Decision (HST) token that was associated with the platform, stating that the company will not support the old token in its current form, adding that there are other plans to reward loyal members of the HST community:

“We will not be supporting the now defunct HST token, and advise against purchasing them. As a community-led project, we are considering the best way to include the HST community in our future plans. One possibility we are exploring is the creation of a new token economy where tokens are airdropped to HST addresses from a particular snapshot of time. Our current priority is to become operational as quickly as possible, and the complexity of how we navigate any new token means we have not made any firm decisions at this time. We recommend the community keep an eye out for updates for when we announce more concrete plans.”

$HST and the previous owners

Your questions answered.

What happens to our old HST tokens ?

The Decision Token will not be supported by the new Horizon State company, so we ask people to not attempt to buy them. We do have plans to include the people who were holding Decision tokens before the announcement that the prior Horizon State company was to cease operation in whatever new token economy that we do choose to create and support (which would likely be issued through an airdrop). We are not in a rush to decide, announce details for, or issue these new tokens.

Whilst that is our plan, our current focus is to get the business to an operational level, and to get it self-sustaining on client revenues as quickly as possible. We, the current owners of the Horizon State IP, never issued or sold any tokens to anyone; and thus we are under no obligation to do anything for token holders or work to any timelines expected by community members. In saying that, given the new Horizon State’s roots as a resurrection by passionate fans, we have decided that we will do what we can to ensure that those who were loyal holders of the original token will be looked after as we are able. The token economy is on our list of things to think about, and we will give updates at the appropriate time. 

We are very aware that any new token issuance would be senseless unless the company is performing well.

Why are you not supporting the old HST token ?

After the announcement by the previous company that it would cease operation, Decision Tokens changed hands rapidly in panic sales, and many in the community were selling at a loss. To support the current Decision Token would mean many people who supported Horizon State for a long time but sold at a loss after the announcement would not benefit from our efforts going forward.

The only feasible way to give tokens to those who were holding Decision Tokens at a time before the announcement would be to airdrop them based on a snapshot of the HST chain, with other considerations made in cases of aggregated wallet balances (like at exchanges).
This also allows us to step back and take a longer look at the true utility that any potential company token will have.