The Decision Token

Horizon State is a token-based blockchain platform that enables efficient, cost effective, and secure vote casting and decision making processes. Our platform operates through the utilisation of Decision Tokens (HST). These tokens act as access rights for both customers and third party developers, for permission to submit votes or opinions to a distributed ledger, fundraise, or incentivise constituents, among other things. Critically, customers do not need to be burdened with the overhead of managing their HST supply - our platform facilitates fiat payments.

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Frequently asked questions

Why the name Horizon State?

The name Horizon State represents our effort to deliver a better tomorrow for people around the world, with horizon being our collective future, and state being our human existence - our state of being. Our focus is on creating a brighter future for us all and being a catalyst for societal progress.

Why are 88% of tokens being held by one wallet?

Tokens not purchased during our sale period have been removed from circulation for ever, burnt into a smart contract.

When you look at the token balances on the HST token address here you will see that the address 0x85f1b0178c5c0710aa9da3c4409c731aae0a944a now holds more than 300M HST tokens.

Then, if you have a look at that address's code here you can see that there is no way to interact with the contract except by sending it ETH, in which case the contract will reject your ETH.

In essence this means that this contract holds 362.228M or 88.25% of tokens which can never enter circulation ever again.

When was the ICO and what was the price?

ICO contributions occurred during October 2017 and a 100% airdrop for ICO contributors occurred early November. After the airdrop the ICO price worked out at approximately USD$0.045 (4.5 cents) per token or 6000 HST per Ether.

I can't find a HST wallet. Where do I store it?

HST can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet. Many people use and recommend My Ether Wallet.

Where can I purchase HST?

HST can be purchased on a number of exchanges. You can see the list of exchanges and trading pairs here.

For Australian residents, HST is also available for purchase at CoinSpot.

We will continue to expand the number and type of ways investors can use to buy or sell HST. This list will be updated as soon as new options are added.

How will you manage voter identification?

Our mechanisms for identity and eligibility are different from company to company, country to country. We don’t intend on forcing any specific solution upon customers. Many multinational enterprises and governments have processes and tools that they want to use, or must use, so we work closely with them to maximise our opportunity to work together, and minimise the time to market with them.

How does Horizon State ensure the integrity and confidentiality of votes?

Horizon State have designed a multi-tiered data segmentation approach in order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of votes. In a nutshell, this system prevents any single entity from being able to work out how any specific individual cast their vote. Read on for a slightly more technical explanation.

The issue is this: If Horizon State know the voter identities and Horizon State cast the vote then we could identify how any specific person voted. And if the government, or anyone else could see a vote on the blockchain and the voter identity then they could see how that person voted. Therefore, the Horizon State Platform will not hold voter identities. At all. This information is, and must remain, external to the platform. In addition, the voter identity must not be recorded in the blockchain.

The way we solve for this is by receiving an anonymous electoral roll in the form of a set of hashes which represent voters. The government (or other authority running a vote) take the confidential user identity information and pass it through a one-way cryptographic hash function and then provide that set of hashes (and no other information) to Horizon State. Once Horizon State get this hash from the government, they hash the information again to create a second hash. This creates what could be considered to be a 'user-id'.

The vote from this user-id can then be cast safely because no party holds the entire chain of information that would now be required to work out who voted for whom. That is,

  • Government has identity and 1st Hash
  • Horizon State has 1st Hash and 2nd Hash
  • Blockchain has 2nd Hash and Vote

Therefore you can see that Horizon State has no way to infer identity and the government has no way to infer 2nd hash from 1st hash and therefore is unable to look at the blockchain and identify a particular voter.

What's MiVote's relationship with Horizon State?

MiVote's technology platform for direct democracy was spun out of MiVote late last year to form Horizon State. Horizon State and MiVote are now totally structurally separate organisations with different aims, objectives and staff. MiVote, a not for profit democratic movement, is expanding both in Australia and into several other countries. Everywhere MiVote implement their approach to direct democracy they will continue to use Horizon State’s decision making tools (including HST) to run their citizen votes on policies.

Can we see & try out the Horizon State app?

We are actively working to get our technology into the hands of our community as soon as we can. Stay tuned to our main social channels (Telegram and Reddit) for updates.

Have you guys had any previous funding from VCs, Seed Investment, or your own funds?

We had small donations from our supporters, and have used our own funds. Our October 2017 ICO was our first, and so far only, raise of funds.

Won’t you need national governments signed on for this to be successful?

Governmental targets will be big wins for PR, and big wins for commercial success. However, many fruitful results will come from other customer types, such as global NGOs, and multinational enterprise, who will run ‘votes’ and engage their constituencies with far more frequency than current electoral processes.

When you have a global NGO that reaches out to a global audience of 5 million members regularly, and then we bring on a few of those, we’re already talking about volumes of platform activity far greater than many countries.

That said, we’re already engaged with councils and state governments around the world, as well as political parties and independent politicians. Electoral use is just one narrow use case for this tech - there are many kinds of decisions and decision-making processes.

Why is your token called Decision Token (HST)?

We’re providing our customers with the world’s best decision making platform including voting, community engagement and more. Originally the ticker was supposed to be DCT but another ICO used that prior to our ICO so we switched to our backup plan of Horizon State Token (HST).

Is your Telegram community really “the best place in crypto”?

So we’ve been told. Check it out for yourself at

What’s the total token supply?

48 Million.

What can you tell me about the token mechanics?

As a B2B (business to business) enterprise our token mechanics are quite different to normal B2C (business to consumer) enterprises. Our token mechanics are designed to benefit customers, our investors, and charities. Read more here.

Where can I find more about Horizon State in the media?

Links to a variety of media mentions including articles, videos and podcasts can be found here.