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The Decision Token

Horizon State is a token-based blockchain platform that enables efficient vote casting and decision-making processes.

About the Horizon State Decision Token (HST)

Our platform operates through the utilisation of Decision Tokens (HST). These tokens act as access rights for both customers and third party developers, for permission to submit votes or opinions to a distributed ledger, fundraise, or incentivise constituents, among other things. Critically, customers do not need to be burdened with the overhead of managing their HST supply - our platform facilitates fiat payments.


Where to buy HST tokens


Why the name Horizon State?
Why are 88% of tokens being held by one wallet?
When was the ICO and what was the price?
I can't find a HST wallet. Where do I store it?
Where can I purchase HST?
How will you manage voter identification?
How does Horizon State ensure the integrity and confidentiality of votes?
Can we see & try out the Horizon State app?
Have you guys had any previous funding from VCs, Seed Investment, or your own funds?
Won’t you need national governments signed on for this to be successful?
Why is your token called Decision Token (HST)?
What’s the total token supply?
Where can I find more about Horizon State in the media?