June 2021 – Company Update

Hello supporters of Horizon State,

What a year this has been for us – and we’re only half way! 

A lot has been going on behind the scenes to ensure Horizon State has a strong foundation to achieve great things in the second half of this year and beyond. 

Currently we are undertaking an equity crowdfund raise. This will see us scale up our operations and really make some progress in the industries that demand our product the most. As a community-funded company made up of former HST token holders, we chose equity crowdfunding to give as many everyday people an opportunity to invest in the company as possible – those who our software is going to have the greatest impact on.

Platform Development

We have significantly enhanced our platform in preparation for our equity raise and we look forward to unlocking our capacity to progress forward once the company is funded. Some of these recent developments include:

Weighted/class voting
Now clients can give different voting permissions to each voter, and apportion different weights to their vote. This means that for engagements like a company AGM, some voters can be given access to certain questions or elections that are not available to other members. Different vote weights can be applied to each voter to represent share ownership.

Vote queuing system

This allows our clients to take advantage of lower TPS blockchains without having them bottleneck at times of unexpected high load.

First steps toward a customer self-service interface 

One of the core development milestones on our wish list is the release of a SaaS product that will allow anyone to create votes and surveys using the Horizon State platform themselves under a subscription plan. This will open up the company to much larger global markets and revenue opportunities. In March our developers finished a graphical user interface admin panel that connects to the backend software. This is the first step towards a functioning turnkey system described above, and the next step is to have a front end designer create the final product once we have funding.

Admin tools and stress testing ‘backend improvements’/devops

With the new admin tools, we can now speed up our onboarding process, and with that comes the ability to load test various levels of our IT stack. This will ensure we have the metrics required to handle whatever use cases are thrown at us – and when we need to scale up our capacity.

Token Queries

We’ve had a few questions in social media about the previous company’s token (HST) and what we, as the new owners of the IP assets, are planning to do in this regard. 

For those that don’t know, some history. We are a new company that formed after the last company went into liquidation, and our original investors comprise a group of passionate community members in an effort to get the project back up and running. We bid on and won the IP assets in an open auction.

Many of these community members were negatively impacted by the previous company’s demise in the same way others were, but understood that the vision and product itself was important, and that it had the potential to make a massive change in the way “trust” happens in government and business.

Our goal is to move the company forward and make it profitable. That is why we have been building and preparing quietly over the last year and are now running an equity crowdfund. This is to give investors “skin in the game” and allow us to become profitable. We have always said that once the company is adequately funded and we have capacity, that we would look at doing something with the token of the previous company. We place a lot of value on the Horizon State community as long-term members and have seen the benefits of a strong community supporting a business achieving its vision. 

Our Equity Crowdfund

Our equity crowdfund is being done through Equitise, and the raise is open to Australian retail investors 18 years and over for a maximum contribution of 10k AUD. Overseas investors must be accredited. Currently we have more than 800 potential investors at Equitise who have signalled an interest to invest and that number is growing. 

It’s important to us that the HST community is given an opportunity to get involved early. If you would like to take part in our equity crowdfund and learn more, please do the following:

  1. Go here, sign up for an account at Equitise, and register your interest.
  2. Email [email protected] and we can send you a copy of our offer document and answer any questions you may have.   

We invite you to join us at our Telegram channel and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. We look forward to sending you another update soon.

The Horizon State team

Tim Goggin

Tim Goggin

Tim is the CEO of Horizon State, a secure blockchain-powered electronic voting platform built to provide government and businesses with secure and efficient decision making standards that their communities can trust. Horizon State’s platform was a finalist at the Wellington Gold Awards in 2019 and was recognised in 2018 as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, joining alumni including Google, Airbnb, Dropbox and Spotify. Tim is an early blockchain industry pioneer, and has presented to executives from five New Zealand government departments about the technology’s public policy implications and the future Financial Technology landscape.

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