Horizon State

Open dialogue informs better decision making.

We’re making mindful leadership the new standard by putting sentiment capture technology in the hands of communities.

Why choose Horizon State?

Powerful insights

Data and analytics that provide actionable insights

Enhanced efficiency

Save your organisation time and money with clarity of decision making

Increased engagement

Modular technology that underpins progressive dialogue

A global leader in community empowerment that uses blockchain secured technology to drive organisations forward

Community Engagement

The approaches, principles and characteristics of community engagement are well understood but are extremely difficult to implement. This is a result of engagements being dynamic, with ever-changing structures, flows and scopes.

Individuals and communities have mutual interests: education, safety, a sense of belonging, self-worth, and return on investment – from both the financial and spiritual senses. Stronger communities have a potential to provide all that when processes are collectively defined and correctly implemented.

Horizon State is building a digital platform for empowering communities and people. The platform provides a safe online place for sharing information and fostering engagement and collaboration.

The platform allows communities to create and mobilise initiatives, encouraging collaboration and deliberation. Horizon State ensures that individual voices are heard.

When communities can establish their collective needs and aspirations they are empowered to better shape themselves and their lives. We help achieve this by surfacing individual voices, identifying influences and biases, and providing good decision making frameworks.

Horizon State supports communities in developing and deepening meaningful connections between their members.


Create a dialogue and generate crowd insights

Built with enterprise, community groups and local government in mind, Horizon State provides a set of surveying and polling tools to capture collective opinions and distil them into actionable insights.


Enable grass roots community organisation

Whether it’s secure digital fundraising or inspiring community groups to organise themselves; by putting the tools of empowerment in the hands of the people amazing things can happen.

Secure Voting

Be part of the blockchain voting revolution

From shareholder voting through to official government elections of all scales, Horizon State offers one of the world’s most powerful and reliable digital ballot box systems.

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Shared initiatives, achievements, celebrations, heritage and culture bring people together. Horizon State is developing tools to identify those aspects and analyse different ideas, opinions and perspectives. We enhance community mobilisation and local leadership-support.

The tools we develop allow communities to find their own structure for co-creating shared vision and future. Through these, communities can develop a shared narrative and bond their membership.

A key objective of the platform is promoting collaborative support, advice, pluralism and understanding. This lets communities tap into resources which enable focusing on the issues that matter to everyone, together.

This makes communities more resilient and enables them to focus on the issues that matter to them, together. Strong communities are more supportive both internally and externally. Engaged people feel that they are heard and matter, that they are a part of decision making processes in the areas that affect them. Our aim is to deliver to these goals.

Bringing The World Together

The Horizon state platform will have the capability to provide communities with access to advanced services such as financial, health, insurance and expert advice. The platform will make services, provided through our partners, more accessible to communities.

Through developing partnerships with businesses and organisations, we intend to create a plethora of citizen-led services. Users of our platform will be able to interact with their governing bodies, institutions and organisations with trust and transparency.

Bridging The Gap

All over the world, community leaders strive to serve their communities in the most efficient, fair and enlightened way. Horizon State platform will provide those leaders with a plethora of information about their community members’ opinions, sentiments, interactions and deliberations. This information acts as a heart monitor for the community, and supports leaders in making better decisions, that will have stronger community support.

Central and local government will be able to provide information, gauge public opinion, invite productive discussions and remove barriers of frustration, communication and trust by being able to initiate or join dialogues directly to communities and their members.

A global leader in community empowerment that uses blockchain secured technology to drive organisations forward.

One platform to mobilise communities, survey opinion and facilitate secure voting.

  • Efficient, intuitive workflows for all users
  • Powerful insights and analytics
  • Easily deployed alongside existing systems
  • Secured by blockchain