A platform with everything you need to keep your community connected and engaged

Elegant design

Intuitive and easy to use

We understand that your community is diverse. Horizon State’s straightforward modular design and intuitive controls make participation super easy for anyone. Provide important voting information about candidates, policies or other information within the voting portal to help your community get the most out of their vote.

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Unrivaled security

Global recognition for innovation in electronic voting security

Our distributed ledger technology is a gigantic leap forward in making digital elections secure. Voting data cannot be tampered with once committed to the public record, and it is never lost. Our approach has won us multiple awards in Australasia, and earned us the title as a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum, chosen by a group of top technologists, academics, VC, futurists and business leaders.
Fair, transparent and verifiable

Give your community confidence

Your people trust what they can see. Previously they had to rely on voting systems where the entire process is hidden from view on an insecure database vulnerable to attack or tampering. Horizon State lets them see their vote on a public ledger and allows them to tally the result of the vote themselves while maintaining complete voter privacy.
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Trusted and accountable

Build better trust and relationships

Trust that lasts is built on a strong foundation. With the commitment to fairness and transparency your community will not only have more trust in the processes that you ask them to participate in, but your brand or organisation itself. An investment in trusted processes is an investment in your bottom line.
Service and support

Get help from our team of experts for your campaign

We can help you design and customise your engagement to your requirements, and manage the whole voting process. We also ensure that all votes and campaigns are in line with local state laws. 

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Cleaner and greener

Protect the environment

One of the obvious benefits of the digital age is the reduced carbon footprint. Your constituents care about sustainability and protecting the environment. Horizon State eliminates all the paper waste of ballots, saving the environment and saving you time.