Horizon State Features

Product Features

Horizon State Features

The Horizon State product consists of a unique set of blockchain-secured surveying, polling and voting tools that effectively capture collective opinions and insights. Its decentralised nature allows an unalterable public record which can be audited to ensure integrity of voting and decision-making processes. With digital as the new normal, Horizon State is a safe, convenient and secure way for governing bodies and organisations to host elections and effectively organise their members.

Closed-ended Question

Closed-ended questions are the easiest way to get clear and effective answers.

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Multiple Choice

Reach agreement with multiple-choice responses. This tool is perfect for narrowing down a few simple choices to achieve  group consensus.

Single Candidate

The best decisions are informed ones. Give voters a complete idea of who they are voting for by providing information about candidates when they cast their vote.

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Rating Scale

Capture input that facilitates a wide range of sentiment, with plenty of scale adjustments available.

Open Text

Allow your community to give the full breadth of their opinions with an open-text response field. Users can give short or long answers.

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Preferential Voting (Single Transferable Vote)

Typically used in elections, the single transferable vote (STV) counting method is a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation, through voters ranking candidates in constituencies.

Voters rank candidates by choice, in order of preference. As results are tallied, votes transfer from the lowest-voted candidate upwards until a winner is achieved.

A minimum number of candidates can also be specified i.e. voters are required to vote for a certain number of candidates to fulfill the requirements of the election.

Weighted Voting System

Our weighted voting system allows for voters to participate as separate classes. In the case of shareholder or creditor voting, a vote weight is applied proportional to the number of shares each stakeholder owns.

Supplementary information about each candidate can also be included in the voting screen, so that voters can make an informed decision before ranking candidates.

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Candidate Management

The one-stop-shop for candidates hosted on the Horizon State Platform. Allow voters to make informed decisions before they vote by providing candidate information to the platform. Voters are given this information again when they cast their vote.

The candidate management tool is ideal for displaying the following information:

  • the candidate’s name
  • the candidate’s photo
  • the candidate’s bio