The Opportunities Party.

The Opportunities Party 1

Sometimes the benefit of being a smaller political party is you can set the trend when it comes to technical innovation.

The problem they faced.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) wanted to find a way to embrace progressive technology and enact next-generation democracy to underpin their engagement with their members. At the same time, TOP were looking to expand their Board, with a short list of four Board Candidates up for selection.

The solution we provided.

As political parties are one of the key use case groups for our product, we saw an excellent fit between what our product can offer and what TOP required their members to vote on. A preferential vote was established to select the top three out of four candidates to be appointed to the Board at the upcoming AGM. To underpin the strong necessity for our product, we identified factors for success which were essential in delivering a positive customer experience for both the customer and their end-users. These were;
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Availability (uptime) of the voting platform
  • Increased rate of participation
  • Transparency in engagement
  • Independently auditable results

How did it turn out?

The Opportunities Party 2

The results of the vote enabled TOP to successfully appoint three candidates to the board, whilst staying true to TOP’s strategy of embracing progressive technology to deliver next-generation democracy.

TOP benefited from having transparent results made available promptly at the conclusion of the vote. This has provided the party members confidence that their vote has been counted without interference of a centralised party.

Due to ease of use of the Horizon State platform, a high level of engagement was attained. This was partly due to the fact that citizens could vote online from the comfort of their home on a smartphone or desktop PC.

What they said about the journey