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Join us tomorrow at 3pm (UTC +13) for our monthly Team AMA on telegram: https://t.me/horizonstate

Another busy and productive month has gone by, with our team members attending the Edmund Hillary Fellowship New Frontiers Conference, the ADC Forum in Adelaide, deploying 2 new features on our platform and as well as successfully completing the vote for the Government of South Australia. The team is looking forward to answering all of your questions and sharing some information about what we've been working on over the last month.

The questions and answers for the AMA will also be posted to our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HorizonState

Bring your questions and see you there!
Some more great news for our Australian community members - you can now purchase HST through Easy Crypto Australia - this is one of the fastest, easiest and safest ways for Australian customers to purchase HST (and also to buy and sell dozens of other cryptocurrencies). https://www.easycrypto.com.au/buy-sell/hst-horizon-state/
For all of our New Zealand community members - you can now purchase HST through EasyCrypto - this is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for NZ customers to purchase HST (and also to buy and sell dozens of other cryptocurrencies). https://www.easycrypto.nz/buy-sell/hst-horizon-state/
Following on hot on the heels of our success with Bittrex, Horizon State are happy to announce that our $HST token has now been listed by the famous UpBit exchange from South Korea.

In line with our vision of ensuring easy access to our token worldwide, we are glad that we now have this key market covered.

Horizon State has been listed on this new website (our SA engagement):

New resource for blockchain and social impact: The Blockchain Impact Ledger, a registry of #blockchain projects that align with the #SDGs, just launched by @blockchainTA. Check it out and share your thoughts: http://blockchainimpactledger.org
Captains Log 26th July 2019
This week i'm filling in for our trusted Captain, as he is currently out taking care of business.

It has been another action packed week, with an award ceremony attended by Dan Crane and Sam Kourbeis in Sydney on Tuesday night and the Wellington Gold Awards last night. Although we didn't get a first place in either of these, it is an honour to be selected and we will keep the trophy cabinet clean for next year! We have already seen some great new opportunities come up for Horizon State as a result of this exposure to business people in NZ and Australia.

On the customer and development front, things are going great with both the TOP Board election https://top.hs.app as well as the longer term engagement with HLC. We have been chatting to our local Mayor Mike Tana this week, and are now in the planning phase of running his upcoming Mayoral Campaign using the HS Platform. We've also been busy talking to one of the largest Media outlets in New Zealand nzme.co.nz today, and they are planning to run an article telling the Horizon State story so far in late August through print and digital media.

Thats all for this week - but be sure to join or AMA next Wednesday morning at 10am Melbourne time, and stay tuned for the second edition of our monthly update on the same day.

Stay warm, and Good Dickens!
Andy & Team
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