21st century
community empowerment and
secure voting systems.

Horizon State is the future of voting and collaborative decision making.

Horizon State has built a secure community engagement and voting platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of blockchain technology. Horizon State delivers collaborative decision making tools wherein results can never be altered, and identities are protected.

Horizon State blockchain voting system in use at MiVote.org.au
Pictured: Horizon State blockchain voting system in use at MiVote.org.au

Unprecedented security

Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in cryptographic and distributed systems, Horizon State protects the record of results - be that electoral results or solicitation of sensitive opinions - with perfect security, stored across a tamper-proof decentralised database known as a blockchain. Not owned by any individual or institution, blockchain’s transparency and inherent resistance to tampering creates a distributed network of trust and integrity never seen before.

21st century engagement

The Horizon State community engagement platform enables constituencies – be they staff, citizens, or members – to participate in collaborative decision-making processes with greater autonomy, decentralisation and convenience. Paradigm shifting opportunities for voting and deliberation mean improvements in participation, and critically, the quality of outcomes on matters that affect them.

Bottom line benefits

Beyond operational efficiencies, our platform delivers significant cost savings. Traditional methods of voting can often cost taxpayers upwards of $7 per vote to facilitate - $25 in some cases. The Horizon State platform offers secure, cost effective voting decision-making systems for a range of issues and voting parameters.

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