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About Horizon State

Make better decisions and prove that you are trustworthy and accountable with the world's most secure digital voting and feedback platform.

Make decisions easy for everyone

Horizon State was created for people and organisations frustrated by slow and costly paper ballots and insecure electronic voting providers. We recognise bad voting experiences damage your relationship with your community. The technology behind our secure electronic ballot box is a proven and new approach that you and your end-users can trust. Only Horizon State offers fair, transparently verifiable, and ultra-secure voting. Show your community that you are engaged with them and value their feedback.

A powerful platform that brings you closer to your communities.


Better data, better decisions

Get genuine feedback for powerful actionable insights, make better decisions, get better results. Horizon State’s platform collects reliable and verifiable data for more efficient deliberation that improves outcomes.

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Trust in the process

Your community trust what they can see. Genuine relationships require fairness and transparency so that they can verify your claims and hold you accountable. Horizon State’s unique software means your organisation can build lasting trust with your communities that result in long-term sustainable benefits.
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Secure voting

Our tamper-resistant voting platform allows your community to cast their vote anonymously and verify that it was counted correctly.  Our pioneering role making elections and online voting safe earned us a place among the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers for 2018, joining alumni including Google, Airbnb, Spotify, and Kickstarter. 

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Designed to help you make the right choices

Horizon State has been built to provide governments, councils, businesses, unions, political & media organisations a way to add transparency to their processes and build trust with their communities. Horizon State is the world’s most secure digital ballot box and provably authentic feedback platform. By using it these organisations can begin building deeper relationships with their communities, gain their trust, and significantly improve public perception. Horizon State is an investment in organisational bottom line.

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