Horizon State

Unlocking the power of people to drive organisations forward.

Technology Pioneers 2018

Horizon State has been selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, joining the ranks of Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter and Spotify.

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Empowering communities with decision making tools that inspire trust

We provide communities and enterprises with a dynamic, process-led platform that sparks meaningful dialogue and enables secure expressions of opinion

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A robust empowerment platform to drive efficient decision making.


Surveying and polling tools for use within community forums to create actionable insights.

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Tools for ground-up mobilisation like fundraising, campaigning and community-led initiatives.

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Secure Voting

A blockchain-secured digital ballot box that manages the formal voting process from end-to-end.

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Find out how Horizon State can inform better decision making

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New solutions for old problems

Organisations typically operate in a centralised and hierarchical structure. They often provide generalised solutions that are not sufficiently tailored to the specific set of needs faced by those they are trying to help.

This top-down/centre-out approach tends to be, by its very nature, an arm’s length solution provision that is at odds with the more communal, decentralised or distributed pattern of engagement that is increasingly intuitive and natural in our highly connected world.

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