Creditor Voting

Horizon State for creditor engagement

Take the risk out of sensitive creditor voting by choosing speed, simplicity and security.

Eliminate reputation and legal risks from voting events

Demonstrate independently that there was no tampering by any party within the decision process. This commitment to fairness and transparency demonstrates that the company is not acting in an oppressive, unfair or prejudicial manner that is contrary to creditor interests. Our independent process ensures that the reputation and legal risks from running sensitive votes are shifted away from the administration team. 

Build real trust between you and creditors

By committing to fairness and transparency, you can demonstrate to creditors that you are listening and accountable. Our blockchain-secured weighted-voting system gives full representation and earns trust. 

Help creditors make more informed voting decisions

Include information about key motions being voted on at the time decisions are made. Horizon State is much more efficient and likely to provide understanding about motions being voted on, giving your members the information they need to make the best decisions.

Increase participation and engagement

You want a fast and easy consensus. Your members prefer to do everything online. Horizon State gives creditors a voice from anywhere using any web-capable device.

Ask creditors about what they think more often

Ask creditors to signal preferences and provide feedback before creating motions. Horizon State encourages regular and cost-effective engagement. 

Get instant results
No more waiting around for results or manual counting. Find out which motions were passed and who has been appointed immediately.

Horizon State's use case for creditor engagement

Creditor voting through company administration and liquidation is an extremely sensitive process. There is a lot of administrative complexity and numerous votes must be held over a period of time. Many things can go wrong. 



When things go wrong they can open up a number of reputational and legal risks for the administration of bankrupt companies. Legal challenges from these risk vectors can run into the millions in instances where company processes are not transparent enough to reassure creditors and shareholders. 



Horizon State is a premium voting product that takes election security and transparency of its processes more seriously than its competitors. Administrators, liquidators and other advisory firms that choose Horizon State can prove that they are acting transparently and fairly to shareholder interests. This absolves them of the reputational and legal risks from running critical decision events that do not satisfy the desire for fairness and independence from creditors. 



Administrators and liquidation firms will appreciate the ease and speed of the process. There is no need to wait for voting to begin as a remote process, or to limit it to a tight voting window, and Horizon State offloads a lot of work they normally need to do. The Horizon State user interface is intuitive and easy to use, which eliminates confusion for voters, and boosts participation in the event. 



By satisfying creditor demand for independence and trust, Horizon State offers faster and easier creditor engagement processes while limiting the risk vectors and complexity of administration and liquidation procedures.