Community News — March 14th 2019

Welcome to our monthly newsletter update, where we are continuously providing you updates on what is happening at Horizon State. Great progress has been made in the last month on all sides of the business with: even more features being built and released by our development team, listing on a new exchange, and new team members coming on board to help support our business development and growth efforts.

Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council Vote — South Australia

Over the last couple of months we have been working on a new voting solution and delivery to the South Australian Government. This vote is to establish and elect the final five members of the Minister‘s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council. The vote features our new preferential voting solution we provided an update on last month (more on this below) and started on the 18th of February, concluding on the 18th of March.

There are 42 candidates from all over the state up for election to fill the five positions and there are already four appointed members who represent key recreational fishing organisations. Of the five individual member positions at least one will be female, one an inland fisher and at least one person representing the tackle sector. This voting method is called ‘preferential voting with reserved seats’ and was made possible by using our new preferential voting feature and a specifically tailored vote-counting code we developed for the client.

Read the full announcement from the South Australian Government here:

HST Listing on Bittrex International

We are thrilled to announce that our token ($HST) has now been listed on the Bittrex International exchange.

Having our token listed on such an established exchange will ensure that HST is available to a far wider audience, and further cement Horizon State as a long term player in this space.

It has been a long journey for us getting to this point, but this is not the end of the road for us with regard to exchange listings. Dan will be working on this aspect ongoing to ensure the token continues to live a healthy and liquid life in the future.

The Evolution of the HST Token

After our success in listing on Bittrex, Dan Crane has published a Medium article outlining his journey so far at Horizon State, and the intricacies involved with what Dan is responsible for day-to-day. Read up on the journey from token sale to today that HST has taken here:

Edmund Hillary Fellowship — New Frontiers 2019

Nimo and Andy have spent the first half of this week attending New Zealand’s premier gathering of global innovators building the new frontiers of our economy. This brought together over 350 world changing entrepreneurs, founders, investors, policy experts and government decision-makers together with business and industry leaders, artists, creators, and storytellers.

Throughout the 3 days, they attended some incredibly thought provoking talks and workshops, and made connections with a wide range of change makers from around the globe. You can find out more about the Edmund Hillary Fellowship here:

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