Feb 2021 update

Preferential Voting

Hi All,

2020 is over!

Last year was a strange one for the team and the company. While it was difficult and stressful to enter the pandemic and everything that goes with it, it has provided the world some clear reasons why a platform such as ours is becoming a clear necessity. 

With a worldwide health crisis, signs of cracking in what we assumed were strong democracies, and working from home and social distancing the new norm, there has been a clear need to rethink how we can engage with each other and at the same time ensure the trust remains. Add to that the erosion of our basic online privacy, and you see a perfect storm of situations that Horizon State is perfectly positioned to solve.

Behind the scenes, we have been busy on both our infrastructure as well as tweaking and adding to our platform. We’ve streamlined our implementation of both weighted voting – ideal for AGM’s or creditor votes – as well as re-imagined our preferential voting option and ensured our results calculation engine works in the same way as the Australian Electoral Commissions algorithm for preferential voting in Australia. As you can see in the image above, David was knocked out in the first round of counting.

In our operations, we have automated our support processes; meaning we don’t need a massive team to support our customers, and are about to go live with our revamped sales process with a focus on outbound lead generation, and have finished the collateral needed for our remote sales team. From day one we have been a distributed workforce with a work from home setup, so we haven’t missed a beat during 2020.

With all this work done, we are now ready to ramp up and scale. In the coming days, weeks and months you’ll hear more about our efforts to do that, and we hope you can all get on board with us as we continue this much needed journey into 2021.

In future updates we’ll outline our plans and goals for the year, so stay tuned!

Team Horizon State.

Dan Crane

Dan Crane

Dan’s life has revolved around technology and innovation since he got his first computer. With over 20 years experience in roles ranging from highly technical to the c-level managing a team of 80, to burgeoning start-ups, Dan ensures we stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

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