April 2020

About Horizon State

It’s been a busy time behind the scenes for the new team at Horizon State since the purchase of the company assets at the end of last year. Here are a few things we’ve been up to, and what the future looks like ahead.

Firstly, I’m a relatively unknown quantity to most of you, so I’ll begin by introducing myself. My name is Tim Goggin, and I am the CEO of the new Horizon State company. I am a Kiwi living in Australia, with a background in economics, information systems and business. The combination of those interests has seen me working in the blockchain space since the beginning of 2014. 

Together with other key members from the old Horizon State team, and with assistance from members within the wider community, we have revived the Horizon State platform.

The last few months have seen us keeping busy automating business processes with appropriate tooling, broadening our connections, acquiring the support of a small development team and creating the back-end infrastructure to run the platform – which we had to completely rebuild. We have also established a very strong team of advisors, some of whom may move into board positions in the future when the company is more mature. 

You may have also seen that we put up a new website, and that its focus has switched to communicating our platform’s benefits to potential customers, who would actually use and purchase the software. This includes some detailed use cases that clearly communicate the value of Horizon State over alternative voting and engagement platforms.

Looking forward, Horizon State is shifting its focus outwards. With our software now operational again, we are now at the stage where we can begin engaging the community, the public and organisations about how Horizon State can help them – especially in the new pandemic environment we are all unfortunately living in. 

We will continue to update you all with relevant updates on our progress, so be sure to follow us on relevant social media and we’d like to thank you all for your support.

Tim Goggin

Tim Goggin

Tim is the CEO of Horizon State, a secure blockchain-powered electronic voting platform built to provide government and businesses with secure and efficient decision making standards that their communities can trust. Horizon State’s platform was a finalist at the Wellington Gold Awards in 2019 and was recognised in 2018 as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, joining alumni including Google, Airbnb, Dropbox and Spotify. Tim is an early blockchain industry pioneer, and has presented to executives from five New Zealand government departments about the technology’s public policy implications and the future Financial Technology landscape.

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About Horizon State

Horizon State’s award-winning voting and engagement product has been built to bridge the trust gap that exists in the communication process between everyday people and those they elect to represent or serve their interests, whether they be public organisations or private businesses.

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